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America's Got Talent Contestants Light Up The Porch

Witness a live performance by Diavolo: Architecture in Motion, plus a crash course in 360 filmmaking from Radiant Images!

We'll capture the magic of an extraordinary live performance from center stage, then examine the process of turning that footage into an immersive media experience. 

Live Performance by DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion®

Filmmaking Demo by Michael Mansouri, Co-Founder, Radiant Images

Keynote: VR: Reconnecting to our Human Selves by Eve Weston, Journalist, VR Consultant

Keynote: The Future of Creativity by Ryan A Bell, Digital Strategist, Hydro Studios

360-Starter Shop Your opportunity to purchase consumer grade tools to get you creating 360 films right now.

Panel focused on the promise of cross-disciplinary collaboration and its potential to harness the power of new age storytelling.

Thursday, June 29th | 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Creative Technology Center: 604 Moulton Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90031

***Please park on Moulton Ave, not on the Brewery lot.***

Event is free, although we are accepting donations. (suggested $5) All funds will be put toward making the next Porch event brilliant.


Radiant Images Co-Founder Michael Mansouri  

" of the industry's most knowledgable and inventive technicians..."

- Sarah Redohl, Immersive Shooter

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DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion®

"What we do on stage is like a live abstract painting."

- Jacques Heim, Artistic Director 

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Past Events

Building the Metaverse | Mar 23, 2017

Building the Metaverse Workshop

At this inaugural Porch event we worked together to develop new virtual experiences, utilizing immersive media to make human connection in new and unique ways. 

The program included a hands-on, creative metaverse workshop, inspiring keynotes from industry leading VR content creators, and a panel discussion + Q&A focused on the challenges and possibilities of storytelling in VR.